• Experience the Last Wilderness of Europe

Corporate Retreat & Hunting Lodge

There are few remaining regions in the world where you will be exposed to areas of such astounding natural beauty and wilderness as in Lapland, northern Sweden. At Gaemo Lodge you will have the opportunity to experience this vast untouched area. It is located on a hilltop in pristine wilderness with panoramic views of the surrounding majestic mountain landscape and the lake of Kultsjön below. With its five-star accommodation and amenities, Gaemo Lodge offers shooting and fishing and is also the ultimate setting for a corporate getaway retreat in total privacy. Whether you plan a working session aimed at relationship building, business planning or brainstorming, Gaemo provides a magical escape from the bustle of daily life.

Gaemo Lodge is crafted by local carpenters as a 18th century Swedish village. The log structure depicts a masterpiece of conscious craftsmanship in harmony with nature, sculpted with local materials, using 400 years old timber. The Gaemo Lodge consists of five houses combining luxurious style with classic mountain comfort.






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