At Gaemo you can enjoy the wonderful sport of hunting for wild ptarmigan, blackcock and capercaillie. The hunting ground is a mixture of private and state owned uninhabited land covering a total area of 10 million hectares. Knowledge of where to find the best sport is passed on by the Sami’s to the guides and hunters, ensuring guns will always be positioned with the best of local knowledge and expertise.

The shooting season for ptarmigan is between 25 August and 15 March. In the autumn the day’s shooting will be walked up with the birds flushed over Pointers. The Pointers used are amongst the best trained in Sweden and their handlers as dedicated as they are skilled. Due to the vast areas covered guns are often transferred to and from the hunting by helicopter.

In winter you shoot the ptarmigan with rifle. Although most Europeans find this concept unfamiliar, it is exciting and adventurous. As the shooting area will be blanketed in snow, we gain access with snowmobiles and then the actual stalk is taking place on skis. The Ptarmigan will be dressed in its winter colours and suitably camouflaged amidst the surroundings. You will need to employ your best stalking skills just to take a shot.

Blackcock and capercaillie are stalked between 25 August and 15 March with “barking three dogs”, mostly in the vast forests.

Should you wish to practise before the hunt, our clay pigeon shooting is two minutes walk from the lodge.